How Not to Build a Blog

Martha’s House of Cards, 1980. © by Richard Shaw

I have a confession. I am a hopeless perfectionist.

When I got the inspiration to do a blog to book project this past spring, I started with all kinds of ideas of what I would include on the site. Interviews, reviews, original and curated content, videos, downloadable worksheets; you name it. I snatched up the domain name, reserved the Twitter ID, set up a Facebook page, and announced my intentions to the world. The reporter in me planned a podcast. The marketer in me had grandiose ideas of launching with a contest and a private membership area. The parent in me dreamed of adventurous experiments I could involve my kids in. The philanthropist in me geared up to form a nonprofit to give disadvantaged youth the opportunity to learn digital citizenship and internet safety. Yeah, buddy. Go big or go home.

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