About MediaSword


“The pen is mightier than the sword.” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1839

The tools of communication have changed dramatically since those words were first penned, but the essence of both the words and the tools has not. The skill to receive, analyze, create, and convey messages with clarity is still an asset of extreme value. Words and images have the ability to change the fate of kings, alter the course of nations, and give voice to the oppressed. The spread of ideas has advanced from oral tradition, the simplicity of the pen, the printing press, to the sophistication of new media technologies. Navigating the shifting landscape adeptly is the aim of MediaSword.

Wielding the MediaSword means knowing how to defend against prejudice and predators, violence and viruses, falsehoods and flimflams. But, it’s not just defensive – it’s also going on offense. It means slicing through stereotypes, and creating content to change, challenge, and persuade. MediaSword is all about not being the influenced, but being the influencer.

Topics covered include:

Information, Digital, and Media Literacy
Internet Safety and Security
Online Reputation Management
Social Media
Content Development

MediaSword educates, equips, and trains parents and their children to survive and thrive in a digital media world.